Nokia X6/6.1plus Mobile Phone 5.8 inch 18:9 FHD 6+64G Snapdragon 636 Octa Core 16.0MP+5.0MP Camera Fingerprint ID Smartphone

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Common problem
Q: How long does it take to get the goods?
We use AliExpress Standa as transportation logistics.
1. Estimated time limit
1) Normal conditions: 20-35 days to arrive at the destination
2) Except for special circumstances (including but not limited to force majeure, customs inspection, policy adjustment, holidays, etc.).
Q: How do you apply for customs declaration?
If you have any special requirements, please let us know.
If we don’t, we usually declare 60% to 100% of the value of mobile phones.
Q: Do I need to pay taxes?
You have to collect fees and taxes on things you buy online. Customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer. Our selling price excludes price.
Q: Is the telephone box sealed?
We usually open the original sealed box for a second test and install Google Player and Multilingual Version or Global ROM. (Note: Multilingual versions do not support updates, only global ROMs support updates). If you need the original Chinese and English version, you can tell us in advance. But the Chinese and English versions need to install the Google Store manually.
Q: If the price falls after I place an order, is there a protective price?
No, Market prices are changing every day, so we can’t control or accept the rebate.
Question: If we find that the score of An Rabbit is different from ours, we will prove it.
Answer: If the score of Antu test is different from that of our screen capture, it will be normal when Antu test runs according to the status of mobile phone.
Question: About language?
Answer: Usually, we open the selection box around the phone and install multilingual read-only memory and Google Play Angle. If you have special requirements for the original packing, please leave a message. We can’t guarantee (we believe mobile phone manufacturers can’t guarantee) that multilingual read-only memory does not contain all language errors and translation packages.
Question: Is the package damaged by empty containers (stolen)?
We usually notify the buyer of the completeness of the goods first. If the packing is damaged, refuse to sign and tell us the truth. We have not dealt with the loss of the goods.
Question: If the translation is incomplete, will the spade be picked up?
If the buyer chooses a good language and finds the translation incomplete, it is normal. We recommend that buyers go to the mobile phone repair shop again to repair the world’s read-only memory, because we can not guarantee that all languages can be translated 100%. Usually 90% note: We recommend that you use or not use other versions of firmware to restore the factory directory of the root directory, otherwise it will affect the normal use or from the mobile phone.
Please note that
1. Check the courier to confirm receipt.
2. Record the goods at the time of receipt. Otherwise, we will not accept disputes such as machine damage, parts loss, box damage, system failure, etc.

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6G 64G blue


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