Anker jouz 20 charged electronic cigarette vape up to 20 continuous smokable compatibility with iQOS stick

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Aliexpress_listing_01Prepared for Perfection: Just like making the perfect cup of coffee, jouz uses precise and consistent temperature control to extract maximum flavor.

Aliexpress_listing_02Flavor Down to a Science: A unique air channel design supplies the optimum air volume and temperature for irresistible flavor.

Natural and Comfortable Fit: The form and function of jouz have been meticulously crafted to fit perfectly in your hand.


Tobacco Stick: Jouz applies with iqos tobacco stick


A Touch of Class: A single button controls all of jouz’s functionality; with seamless LEDs to indicate status.

Aliexpress_listing_05Take Charge: High efficiency batteries allow for 20 to 30* uses from a single charge with jouz 20, and 12 to 18* uses with jouz 12.

*Average usage of 4 mins per heat-not-burn tobacco stick

Aliexpress_listing_06Indulgence to the End: Enjoy 2 additional puffs* after the intuitive end-of-use vibration is felt. *Within 30 seconds.

Aliexpress_listing_07Anytime, Anywhere: Take jouz wherever you go, and enjoy your favourite heat-not-burn tobacco sticks in temperatures down to -10°C.

Aliexpress_listing_08Elegant Form: Jouz slides seamlessly into your life thanks to its compact unibody design.


Savor The Moment: Regardless of your style, jouz is a complementary accessory to your well-cultivated image.

Shipping: Russia order will be shipped from our Moscow warehouse. 




*With advanced mobile battery technology, up to 20 consecutive smokers are possible with one charge.  This can be enjoyed anytime anywhere with this one It is one piece and weighs only one egg (about 60 g).

*Seamless and beautiful body has been devised in several ways, such as USB port hidden on the bottom of the case, LED indicator to let you know the smoking time, pursuing functional beauty



1. Please don’t move the cap when the unit is heating, in order to avoid melting the plastic parts of the cap.

2. If you want to use self-cleaning function, please remove the cap first.




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